As if blogging isn’t enough of a self-indulgence in and of itself, there is also the ABOUT PAGE! Bravo to you all for making it this far.

So here’s what you’re in for, friends:

I’m a child of the west, having grown up between Washington State, Colorado, and Arizona. I’ve since spent time in Georgia, New York, and Iraq (I’m a vet – Iraq wouldn’t otherwise be my thing). Even though I’m fairly well traveled in the US, there are a million places both in and out of our fair country which I hope and plan to visit. There’s so much to be learned and gained through experiencing other cultures and walking in someone else’s shoes.

I'm a terrible snowboarder, but that doesn't stop me from trying. Much like blogging... ;-)

I’m a terrible snowboarder, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Much like blogging… 😉

I’m an avid observer and very much in my head all the time, so you’re going to find a veritable Ro Sham Bo of randomness here. Everything from DIYs to my thoughts all kinds of things for which I have minimal right to have an opinion – some of it serious, some of it pointless, and all if it with my trademark dash of self-effacing morbid/dark humor.

If nothing else, I would love to make you laugh and hopefully walk (or run screaming!) away thinking about something.

I welcome your feedback as I hope to learn from this experience and from you. So read on, if you dare, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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