So Here I Am

Good evening, dear readers, from the beautiful Rocky Mountain region.

As some of you know, I’ve had a blog for a few months now, and as I said in my initial post Do I Need to Be Here For This? I plan to make it a blog about whatever I feel like writing about, when I feel like writing about it, and in whatever way I choose to write it. (Aren’t I just a piece of work?)

So here I am…sassy pants and all.

I opted to join in on Blogging 101 to get force myself to put a bit more focus on my writing, and it made me start thinking: why am I doing this? Why write? Why blog at all and not just do the usual thing and keep a journal?

Truth be told, the reason I opted to keep a blog is two-fold – or, as is usually the case with me, multi-fold.

First of all (get ready for a big vulnerable admission, kids!): I want to be a writer. Gasp!

There. I said it.

If I could be anything in the whole world, I would choose to be a writer – of novels, of witty quotes, of blogs and Facebook posts and snarky emails and the summaries on the back of paperbacks…I would just write. And the way I hear it, if you want to be a writer the first thing you need to do is…well…write something.

So here I am…writing.

My job – my real job – is a serious one with big decisions, hard choices, constant challenges, and dire consequences. I was unhappy for a long time when I when I finally found that the only times I was at peace were in the gym (I mean, who can concentrate on job stressors when you’re more worried about the continuation of the breathing in and the breathing out), in the garage (always working on a project of some kind), and when I was reading or writing. Clearly a creative outlet was needed.

So here I am…being all creative-like.

I want to pour all my words out and let them tumble over each other until they fall together into a form that speaks to others, makes them think or laugh or cry or question or wonder.

I want to inform and inspire.

I want to find a place to be vulnerable and meditate on things outside of my small world.

I want to share that experience with others who want to do the same. To connect and explore and marvel together.

But I also want to get better at all of the that. I want to be criticized and judged and hear the painful truth so that, through the pain, I am polished.

So here I am.